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TaxPower GST

Our software is equipped with powerful Features and Tools and is catering various challenges in GST Compliance.We deploy the latest technologies to meet your unmatched IT requirements.We offer services at very affordable prices.Understanding the needs of our clients & providing them with precise solutions in accordance with their requirements

Our primary responsibility is to deliver maximum value to our clients,commit ourselves to provide the best possible quality output which shall adhere to the client's requirements which is essential for our products to be consistently the first choice of our customers through inbuilt quality & on-schedule delivery.We constantly develop & design policies that match our operational environments.

Tax Power GST - Features

  • User Friendly Dashboard which shows Client Details, Return Filing Status, Due Dates etc.
  • Client Master Creation by Importing Data from GST Portal and Excel template.
  • Differentiate Clients by Creating Groups.
  • Ensure data security with role and permission-based access for users.
  • Sorting, Filtering and advance search options for organized data.
  • Quick Logins by using saved GSTINs.
  • Manual Entry of Invoices Is Provided in Software.
  • Returns Can Be Prepared Offline No Need to Connect to Internet While Preparing Returns.
  • Creation Of Masters (Receiver/Supplier/Items Etc.)
  • Facility to search Taxpayers.
  • Export data from accounting software and import it in Tax Power GST in single Click.
  • Interest and Late Fee Calculator.
  • Creation Of GST Challan.
  • View Cash and Credit Ledger.
  • Facility to check Ledger Balance.
  • Option to save your Remarks or Notes.
  • Customised Reports.
  • Email Facility to Clients.
  • Validation Of Data from Department Website with Input Data Before Final Submission.
  • GSTIN Validation Is Provided.
  • Get GSTR-2A/2B data of multiple months in a single click.
  • Find & match invoices across periods.
  • Supplier mismatch (party-wise) summary.
  • Option to include/exclude reverse charge invoices.
  • Option to ignore the small differences to focus on significant differences only.
  • Overall and period-wise summary.
  • Provides you with a GSTIN / HSN Validation feature with which you can ensure valid GSTIN of Party and HSN of Items are entered, thereby resulting in error-free
  • GST Billing.
  • E-Invoice Generation.
  • Friendly error viewer to view the error description.
  • We offer a back-up feature to save your data.
  • Continuous support to help functional and technical queries.

  • Prepare GSTR-1 by Importing GST/Excel Template, JSON File.
  • Prepare GSTR-1 Manually.
  • Option to Import Data from Accounting Software Template like Tally etc.
  • One Click GSTIN Validation.
  • Download return data from the GSTN portal.
  • Data Compare GSTR-1 with GSTR-3B to Find out Difference.
  • Automatic Preparation of GSTR-1 JSON File and direct upload JSON on GST Portal without manual login on GST Portal.
  • Option to Compare GSTR-1 Software Data with GST portal uploaded data to find difference if Any.
  • View Draft PDF in Software.
  • Submit & File GSTR-1 From Software.
  • Exports Monthly Reports.
GSTR-2 / 2A / 2B
  • Prepare GSTR-2 by Importing GST/Excel Template, JSON File.
  • Prepare GSTR-2 Manually.
  • Download return data from the GSTN portal.
  • Compare GSTR-2A with GSTR-3B.
  • Supplier level (party-wise) or invoice level reconciliation.
  • Exports Monthly Reports.
  • Prepare GSTR-3B by Importing Excel Template, JSON File.
  • Prepare GSTR-3B Manually.
  • Import Sales in GSTR-3B from GSTR-1 to avoid any chance of mismatch in GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B Supply Value.
  • Import from System Generated GSTR3B (GSTN).
  • Data Compare with GSTR-1/2A/2B.
  • Download return data from the GSTN portal.
  • Automatic Preparation of GSTR-3B JSON File and direct upload JSON on GST Portal without manual login on GST Portal.
  • View Draft PDF in Software.
  • Submit & File GSTR-3B From Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare ITC-04 by Importing Excel Template, JSON File.
  • Prepare ITC-04 Manually.
  • Data Compare with GSTN.
  • Download return data from GSTN portal.
  • View Draft PDF in Software.
  • File ITC-04 from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare CMP-08 by Importing data from GSTN portal.
  • Prepare CMP-08 Manually.
  • You can check ledger Balance.
  • Create Challan through portal as well as software.
  • File CMP-08 from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
GSTR-4 Annual
  • Prepare GSTR-4 Annual by Importing data from Excel Template, JSON File.
  • Prepare GSTR-4 Annual Manually.
  • Payment and File GSTR-4 Annual from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare GSTR-6 by Importing data from Excel Template, GSTN Portal.
  • Prepare GSTR-6 Manually.
  • Calculate ITC.
  • File GSTR-6 from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare GSTR-7 by Importing data from Excel Templates, JSON File and GSTN Portal.
  • Prepare GSTR-7 Manually.
  • File GSTR-7 from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Annual return filing for GSTR-9.
  • Prepare GSTR 9 from GSTR 1, 3B 2A & purchase register.
  • Import data from returns, excel, JSON etc.
  • View Draft PDF in Software.
  • File GSTR-9 From Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare GSTR-9A by Importing Excel Template, JSON File and GSTN portal.
  • Prepare Manually.
  • Download Auto Calculated Details.
  • File GSTR-9A from Software.
  • Exports Reports.
  • Prepare GSTR 9C form for complete auditing.
  • Prepare GSTR-9C with Strong Validation to avoid error.
  • Import data from excel, JSON etc.
  • View Draft PDF in Software.
  • File GSTR-9C From Software.
  • Exports Reports.

  • User Friendly Dashboard.
  • Generates all the sales and purchase invoices.
  • Our GST billing is 100% compatible with GST regulations and user can generate multi-rates and multi-item invoices.
  • Fully customizable bills as per your business needs.
  • Provides easy GST billing by auto-populating all the mandatory fields like GSTIN, HSN/SAC code, GST rate, etc.
  • You can capture additional details like vehicle number, salesperson name, etc. using custom fields.
  • Create GST Compliant Proforma invoices,Quotations,Sales Order,Delivery Note,Bill of Supply and Sales Return more efficiently.
  • Create Credit and Debit notes against any Invoice.
  • Multiple billing reports.
  • Build customer, supplier, transporter and item masters.
  • E-Invoice Generation.
  • Generate E-Way Bill through E-Invoice.
  • Generate E‑invoices using Government-mandated fields with IRN, QR Code, Ack No, Ack Time.
  • Validates your data to identify violations, incorrect data entries, and missing mandatory fields.
  • Auto-calculate tax amounts & document total.
  • Cancel e‑invoices as per your need.
  • User friendly display of E-invoice status (active/cancelled).
  • Get E-way bill details by IRN.
  • Generate, print E-Invoicing as per the proposed format.
  • E-Invoice Customisable Printing.
  • Import of Invoice details from excel for bulk generation of E-Invoices.
  • Continuous support to help functional and technical queries.

  • You can export data in PDF/Excel format for future reference.
  • Dealer Reports.
  • Generation Of Return Reports such as List of Return Filled/Pending/Completed, Return Tax Status Etc.
  • ITC Match/Mismatch Report Generation.
  • Month-wise comparison report of GSTR-3B vs GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B vs GSTR-2A.
  • Facility To Export Reports in PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Facility To Mail Reports- PDF/Excel documents can be directly mailed from Software itself.
  • Month-wise summary of GSTR-1 / GSTR-2 / GSTR-2A / GSTR-3B.
  • Excel mismatch/reconciliation report.
  • Generate PDF or print your sales invoices and other vouchers such as credit/debit notes.