Tax Power GST - Features



  • Prepare, check and file returns in simple steps
  • Returns can be prepared offline no need to connect to internet while preparing returns.
  • Dashboard provided for various task management like checking of pending returns, due dates, taxes etc.
  • Automatic filling of Registration/Returns forms at GST Site.
  • Import data from Department website.
  • Automatic software updates no need to go website to download new updates.
  • Email Facility to Clients
  • User management system for multiple logins with permitted access.
  • Sorting, filtering and advanced search options for organized data.


  • Creation of Masters (Receiver/Supplier/Items etc.)
  • Import facility for renowned accounting software.
  • Import and Export in Excel.
  • Import and Export from excel Template provided by GSTN
  • Entry of Invoices as per GST Guidelines and Invoice Format.
  • Manual Entry of Invoices is provided in software.

Validations & Matching of Invoices

  • Validation of data from Department website with input data before final submission.
  • Validation is provided in every form to avoid errors in return forms.
  • GSTIN Validation is provided.
  • Reconciliation with Online GST Portal.
  • Get GSTR Data for relevant GSTR from online for matching and comparison of Invoices data.


  • Dealer Reports.
  • Generation of Return Reports such as List of Return Filled/Pending/Completed, Return Tax Status etc.
  • Date wise Reports of Invoices Uploaded.
  • ITC Match/Mismatch Report Generation.
  • Facility to Export Reports in PDF, Word and Excel.
  • Facility to Mail Reports in PDF, Word and Excel.